Architecture Schools in Paris

April 18, 2023

Bachelor in spatial design

odile-decq-3Some time ago, in the year 2006, I had been teaching inside a private architecture school in Paris. The college wasn’t concerned enough through the evolution around the globe. And So I convinced a few instructors to setup a brand new school so we began focusing on it. However, many several weeks later, the brand new director in our school resigned, and that i grew to become the director for 5 years. I attempted to push the college, to construct it, to really make it more worldwide and attached to the world, but eventually I resigned. With that 24 hour, I had been getting a glass or two with several fellow instructors inside a bar in Paris when my concept of a brand new architecture school was created again.

We began by helping cover their the thought of creating a “normal” or “usual” school of architecture. However, the greater I traveled and saw the way the schools were organized in the usa, in England and all sorts of places I visited, I stated to myself: “We need to change the clear way of educating designers, we must find a way of teaching, we must considerably more open, flexible and fewer academic, even when we must fulfil the restrictions from the academic system.” I came across maker spaces, the MOOC [Massive Online Open Courses], and recognized when we built a brand new school, we needed to innovate and re-question everything. And that’s the way we began to be really different.

Architecture is Greater than a Profession: it’s a Discipline

I do not believe we have to shape the town of tomorrow. Whenever you say “shape” I consider an application, but it isn't an issue of form. It’s an issue of communication: the way in which people and things connect with one another. For me personally, designers are extremely proficient at that. Or they may be excellent if their studies were excellent.

Architecture is a lot more than the usual profession. It’s a discipline. And it is a discipline that you need to evaluate very complex situations, small and big. We must understand, uncover after which propose an answer. It’s a really particular discipline, which is quite efficient for that world, and incredibly efficient for metropolitan areas. For this reason, when nowadays, most people talk about design thinking, I talk about architecture thinking – because it’s a lot more effective. It isn't nearly the top of the one thing, and also the form of the one thing, or even the form – we go much deeper inside.

Designers Need to be Entrepreneurs

Within this altering world, using the evolution from the discussing economy and free technology, designers need to be concerned. I have faith that the function from the architect will stay important.

Designers is quite good entrepreneurs, however nowadays they aren't educated this way. They're just taught to be professional designers. Designers could invent something totally new, not just architecture, but additionally objects, the atmosphere, the business of urban space. When individuals consider the work of designers they believe that we're just doing plans.But plans are only a consequence of a means of thinking and research.

Designers need to be entrepreneurs, since the discipline of architecture is definitely an activity of research. First we research therefore we find solutions. It’s an important discipline inside a world where we must constantly invent and make.

If, in 50 years’ time we're still human, only then do we will require designers, or even the discipline of architecture – architecture thinking

It’s only since the center of the twentieth century that designers happen to be exclusively concerned because they build. It’s due to the splitting into “orders” or “chambers” of professions. Before, whenever you were studying inside a Fine Arts school for instance, you may be a designer, but additionally a painter, set designer, writer, writer… You can share, mix, pass and become very transversal. Today everyone needs to maintain boxes. Should you get into another box everybody examines you and also states, “Why are you currently doing that?” Today, so many people are visiting architecture. Artists are occasionally suggesting structures. Why could designers not mix to other disciplines? Within my own practice, I actually do architecture, urban planning, design and artwork. Why don't you tomorrow fashion? Should you consider the start of the twentieth century, everyone was working like this and thinking like this: for instance the Constructivists in Russia. In early 90s, I met a designer in Beijing who'd opened up a gallery, who had been additionally a writer and designer. What’s the issue? For me personally there's not a problem.

We must stop categorizing and being too specific

We must stop categorizing and being too specific. The planet needs those who are a lot more open-minded. Actually, I selected the title of my school, , since it refers back to the site in Lyon, but additionally since the French word means “convergence”. It encapsulates the transversal character from the different disciplines in the school.

Dominique Perrault: Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Dominique Perrault: Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Visiting Paris
Visiting Paris
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