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May 28, 2023

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Chapter Located Ongoing Education

The Florida Chapter ASLA offers numerous possibilities for ongoing education courses (CEC's) in the Section level all year round. We provide CEC classes at our annual conference.

Current CEC Choices

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Needed Ongoing Education for Florida Landscape Designers

Florida Law mandates that Landscape Designers complete approved ongoing education courses to be able to renew their licenses on the biennial period. Licensees who fail to accept needed hrs won't have the ability to renew their licenses and also the license will end up delinquent or void. Also, licensees trying to resume with no needed ongoing education might be penalized as much as $500. You're urged to consider these courses as quickly as possible to avoid any delays throughout the renewal period. To learn more, please make reference to the Florida Department of economic and Professional Regulation (DBPR):

ASLA National Professional Development Programs on ASLA Online

Landscape designers and related design professionals are now able to access info on ongoing education courses from greater than 130 approved companies using the Landscape Architecture Ongoing Education System (LA CES). Offering educational possibilities centered on water conservation, stormwater management, eco-friendly roofs, ease of access, wise growth, soils, and materials - in addition to professional programs for example CADD and GIS - LA CES provides one-stop searching for courses on sustainable design, livable towns, and environment planning.

ASLA offers landscape designers an broadened selection of educational possibilities by independent companies. These organizations can include product producers, service organizations, government departments, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. These organizations affect ASLA for overview of their qualifications. For further particulars click the link.

Online Continuing
Online Continuing
Whats Trending in Landscape Architecture
Whats Trending in Landscape Architecture
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