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July 13, 2017

Software Architecture

Prerequisite -1. Being respected BOTH by team people AND management

If you want to get to the top, prepare to kiss a lot of bottom

Not Strictly NecessaryIt is essential that you ought to be respected by both management and team people. If you are not respected by team people – there's most likely something either together with your technical capabilities, or perhaps your capabilities to speak. If you are not respected through the management – you'll certainly have issues interacting by using it (as well as they won’t provide you with the job to begin with).

BTW, unlike popular belief, being respected through the management doesn’t always involve kissing lots of bottom. From my experience, if you and your boss are wise enough, she’ll appreciate you being frank and declaring that what you may not think (at the minimum because nobody will it, and she or he recognizes that she requires a second opinion). And when your manager isn’t wise enough – you’d easier to search for another job anyway.

Prerequisite . Getting technical expertise / being wise enough

Despite what most people (including yourself and also you manager) think, now you ask , not necessarily regarding your technical capabilities or about “how wise are you” – probably, if you are really respected through the team, that you can do virtually everything available, architecture incorporated. So, in this way, this Prerequisite should virtually go without having to say.

Actually, from what I’ve observed in practice, problems with just as one architect are often more of the mental character. Only one example: in a single a significant large project, we've had a minimum of 5 individuals who could go ahead and take architect role. However, despite all of the encouragement we (“we” = both management, and me being an architect in those days) gave to those quickly 24 months, not one of them really was willing to get it done. Such scenario is no exception, and it's also very typical. Subsequent requirements, will give you certain insight why it takes place, and just what must you overcome to become software architect.

Prerequisite 1. You need to wish to accomplish it

“If you won't want to become a designer - you will not function as the one (or at best a high quality one).Yes, it's that easy. Should you not wish to become a designer – you will not function as the one (or at best a high quality one). What's going to surprise most people available (especially individuals fantasizing about promotion) is the fact that the majority of the Very Senior Designers shouldn't become designers. Usually it varies from desire not to being outright angry about this type of perspective. Why? We’ll view it in Prerequisite 2.

Prerequisite 2. You ought to be prepared to walk out your safe place

This really is IMHO the biggest problem for any Very Senior Developer in order to the Architect. Below goes a short outline from the “comfort zone” problem

  • Like a Very Senior Developer, you have a tendency to know virtually all things in your area.
  • It's well-known and recognized that whatever-you-have-stated, holds true you’re reliable unconditionally
  • However, your area isn't wide enough to incorporate the entire system
  • So, should you go outdoors of the area, you’re facing making mistakes, asking things, and losing this status from the “mystical guru who’s always right”.
  • This functions like a huge disincentive for any Very Senior Developer

This really is perfectly fine, and many (if not completely) software designers came so as to, and no-one can make fun from you (a minimum of due to respect you’ve already gained), but nonetheless this means being released of the area, that is your “comfort zone”, to get a designer.

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