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July 8, 2019

EA Training Course 3 History

EA Bootcamp Training

The EA Bootcamp course is made to give a comprehensive summary of people entering an architecture-related role and/or requiring a fundamental knowledge of enterprise architecture (EA) concepts. The program is targeted at beginners and addresses a length of EA concepts and ideas.


This four-day course covers the EA basic principles in order to equip associates using the foundational understanding required to take part in EA initiatives. The program also works as a grounds for future learning the area.

The EA Bootcamp is split into three parts...
Part 1 introduces and defines the idea of enterprise architecture and positions it inside the organisational context. It examines the issues that we're attempting to solve with EA and shows how EA provides business by having an enhanced return on its IT opportunities.

Part 2 concentrates on EA methodology. It covers the state TOGAF® 9 Foundation (level 1) training curriculum which includes an introduction to the TOGAF® 9 framework and instruction regarding how to put it on for the look and implementation of EA. Associates may sign up for Outdoors Group TOGAF® 9 Foundation exam following the course. When prepared to further their studies, associates are qualified to go to TOGAF® Licensed (level 2) to review towards full TOGAF certification.

Part 3 enables associates to practically apply their understanding through the development of ArchiMate®, Outdoors Group's open and independent modelling language for EA. Associates make use of a example to construct entry-level business, application and technology architectures using ArchiMate® in order to apply the concepts they learn within the first 72 hours from the course.

Part 1 Architecture Context - Controlling Business Complexity &lifier Change

  • Introduction
  • Determining Enterprise Architecture
  • The issues we’re using Enterprise Architecture to resolve
  • Other methods to the issues, and also the contributions Enterprise Architecture could make
  • Enterprise Architecture challenges within the exterior business atmosphere
  • An overview from the Enterprise Architecture development process
  • Part 2 Architecture Methodology – TOGAF 9

    Architecture Development - Methodology

  • TOGAF™ concepts
  • Architecture sights, viewpoints &lifier stakeholders
  • Foundations
  • Architecture governance
  • ADM Phases
  • Architecture Implementation &lifier Governance

  • ADM deliverables
  • ADM recommendations &lifier techniques
  • Enterprise Continuum &lifier Tools
  • TOGAF™ reference models
  • Part 3 Architecture Development – ArchiMate 2 Modelling

  • Introduction &lifier overview
  • Tool familiarisation
  • Utilizing a example to construct “as is” and “to be”:
  • Business Process Architectures
  • Application Architectures
  • Technology Architectures
  • Connecting the Architectures
  • Feedback and discussion
  • COURSE Final results

    On finishing this program, associates will understand how to position EA inside their organisations and understand the need for following an architectural approach. Associates may also be acquainted with the Architecture Development Method Content Framework and Capacity Framework that TOGAF 9 provides, and understand how TOGAF 9 can be used because the grounds for creating an organisation's EA. Additionally, associates may have working experience creating various architectures according to their knowledge of a company scenario.


  • Enterprise designers
  • Information designers
  • Technology designers
  • Application designers
  • System integrators
  • Business experts
  • Process modellers
  • Project managers
  • Other business/technical specialists developing EA
  • "Excellent course and well presented. Thanks you!"
    Cape Peninsula College of Technology

    "Loved the program. Lecturer knows on many relevant subjects and it has working experienceInch

    "Highly impressed using the course. Michael is an extremely good company, quite knowledgeable. May be worth attending"

    "Excellent coverage of TOGAF and EA in totality. The presenter managed to get easy that i can comprehend the concepts. EA is rather complex and also the presenter managed to get a lot simpler in line with the approach he used"

    "Michael is a superb instructor because he includes real life situations in to the courseware, making learning an indepth subject like EA that a smaller amount boring. Excellent course with objectives I'm able to use within my everyday career existence"
    Webber Wentzel Lawyers

    "Excellent course for career rise in IT"


    R14 500 excl VAT

    TOGAF 9 Level 1 exam vouchers are for sale to USD 250


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