Architecture Universities in Canada

March 14, 2022

Architecture Universities
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In comparison to a lot of nations, the price of studying in Canada is extremely affordable. Like a guide, you will probably need between $15Thousand Cdn and $30Thousand Cdn yearly to pay for tuition and bills. However, this budget range is definitely an average only and can vary based on the institution and program that you are enrolled, where you are, and living options.


Tuition costs for worldwide students vary across provinces and programs. The table below shows the weighted average tuition costs for full-time foreign students, by area of study.

Remember, however, the costs connected with attending college exceed tuition costs. You have to also plan for products for example books, personal bills, and housing.

2013–2014 college tuition costs for full-time foreign students (in Canadian dollars)

Area of study grouping




$14, 600

$12, 742

Visual and carrying out arts, and communications technologies

$17, 530

$12, 152


$18, 365

$12, 633

Social and behavioral sciences

$18, 078

$12, 461

Law, legal professions and studies

$23, 552

$15, 065

Business management and public administration

$19, 641

$18, 157

Executive Master of business administration

Not relevant

$44, 800

Regular Master of business administration

$32, 424

Physical and existence sciences and technologies

$20, 039

$12, 618

Mathematics, computer and knowledge sciences

$20, 699

$12, 113


$21, 819

$14, 315

Architecture and related technologies

$18, 793

$15, 982

Agriculture, natural assets and conservation

$17, 558

$11, 634


$47, 621



$29, 198


$16, 435

$11, 585


$30, 479

$12, 231

Veterinary medicine

$51, 538

$8, 364

Other health, parks, entertainment and fitness

$17, 793

$16, 460

(weighted average tuition costs)
Source: Statistics Canada


Most colleges offer on-campus homes designated for worldwide students, or homes generally open to a lot of students on campus. However, acceptance in a Canadian school doesn't instantly mean you can aquire a room in residence. Students must apply individually for on-campus housing. The price of on-campus housing varies across institutions and can rely on whether you'll need a private room or diet plan, for instance.

Some worldwide students decide to live off-campus within an apartment or flat. Rent to have an apartment in Canada ranges from roughly $400 Cdn to $1, 500 Cdn monthly with respect to the city or neighbourhood and the kind of accommodation. Like a renter, you may even have to pay additional monthly costs for utilities, for example electricity, telephone, Internet and cable tv, in addition to personal expenses and renters’ insurance.

Most colleges can offer help with finding lodging, both on- and off-campus, and respond to questions through their housing office or student services.


Based on where you reside, you might have the ability to walk or bike to campus. All students, particularly individuals in bigger metropolitan areas, choose public transit: buses, subways, commuter trains, or ferries. One-way riding on the bus costs typically cost you a couple of dollars, and monthly passes around $90 Cdn monthly, although a lot of transit companies offer student discount rates.

The provincial government authorities have the effect of certification automobiles and motorists in Canada. Contact the secretary of state for transportation inside your province of study to find out if you're qualified they are driving an automobile.

Medical health insurance

All worldwide students in Canada should have medical health insurance. Medical care coverage open to worldwide students differs from province to province. The provinces of Alberta, Bc, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan cover worldwide students under their provincial healthcare plans, but coverage generally is dependent on the duration of your stay.

However, worldwide students intending to study in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island or Quebec must request private medical health insurance.

You are able to discover more particulars about coverage of health with the college websites and individuals from the provin­cial ministries of health.

Cost calculator

To assist calculate your general expenses and estimate the living costs in Canada, try Step One-2-3, a helpful cost calculator for college students.

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