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May 18, 2015

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Using new 3-D ink jet printers, old-school camcorder cases along with a glue gun, several senior high school senior citizens from Milwaukie finessed their method to a high finish within an worldwide architecture competition.

The audience developed a skyscraper, developing a mock architecture firm they named “Architects of Edgy Innovation, ” used the three-D printer to produce their model and presented it to some panel of professional designers in Chicago throughout the sixth annual Worldwide Mock Firms Competition.

Focus on the work started in The month of january. Mondays to fridays were allocated to their design, and weekends were for fundraiser, to obtain the whole team to Chicago — a pricey proposition, since among the students around the team is destitute. They ended up raising enough to obtain all eleven team people, as well as their faculty agent, towards the competition for just $20 per person.

From left to right: Logan Gillis, Dustin Lurie, Madison Phillips, Noah Davis, Brett Sonflieth, Marinn Longenecker, Haley Wilson, David Gerritzen, Bree Wescovich. Team people not pictured: Kevin Alfaro and Andy Le.

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The group’s agent Nancy Merchant states each student introduced different things towards the design. Many were thinking about the creative process, only one required proper care of all of the nitty-gritty things like just how much your building would cost, while another centered on moving the piece from Or to Illinois (Hint: He used camcorder cases).

A few of the rivals are going to architecture school, therefore we could see their designs at some point soon.

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