Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture

January 18, 2021

Gerald D. Hines College of

Bill BarlowAn architectural preservationist, an innovative director, students, teachers, a metropolitan planner and noted designers — such as the designer from the world’s highest building — are some of the eight former students from the Texas A&M College of Architecture to become honored this season as Outstanding Alumni.

The audience, nominated by former students and selected for his or her outstanding accomplishments and professional leadership with a college committee, is going to be honored in the college’s 2011 Outstanding Alumni Honours Banquet to become held 7:30 p.m. March. 21 in the Miramont Country Club in Bryan, Texas.

Under 1 % from the college’s 15Thousand plus former students happen to be acknowledged as Outstanding Alumni, the greatest recognition presented through the college to former students.

This Year's College of Architecture Outstanding Alumni are: Bill Barlow ’72, an historic architect for Boston National Historic Park Philip Berke ’81, professor of city and regional planning in the College of New York-Chapel Hill Reagan George ’58, upon the market controlling principal for Leo A. Daly Designers and Engineers Donna Kacmar ’88, principal of architect works corporation. and assistant professor in the College of Houston’s Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Kirk Kelley ’95, creative director for Laika/house, a global-famous commercial animation studio Charles McDaniel ’79, principal from the SWA Group Lori Ryker ’85, author and founding father of studioryker and also the Artemis Institute and Adrian Cruz ’66, co-founder and principal of Adrian Cruz + Gordon Gill Architecture and designer from the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Philip BerkeW. Lewis Barlow, IV, FAIA, FAPT
Supervisory historic architect, Boston National Historic Park

Because the supervisory architect for that Park Service’s Boston National Historic Park since 1997, Barlow, who gained a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1972, accounts for policy and management for that upkeep of a number of America’s foremost architectural and historic treasures like the Bunker Hill Monument, Old North Chapel, Faneuil Hall, that old Condition House, that old South Meeting House and also the Paul Revere House, structures that bring existence towards the American beliefs in freedom of speech, religion, government and self-determination.

“Bill Barlow continues to be certainly one of Boston’s leading designers in marketing the upkeep from the city’s architectural patrimony, ” stated Randall J. Biallas, assistant director from the U.S. Park Service’s Park Cultural Resource Programs. “As a board person in the Boston Upkeep Alliance, its leading upkeep and wise growth organization, he is incorporated in the forefront of not just protecting national historic landmarks but additionally in promoting and looking at the main development projects affecting the characteristics which make Boston a global-class city.”

Barlow, who had been named another from the American Institute of Designers in 2002 along with a Fellow from the Association for Upkeep Technology in 2000, performed a number one role in rebuilding and rehabilitating 18th and 1800s structures in Lowell, Massachusetts, as he was Lowell National Historic Park’s assistant superintendent within the Division of Technical Upkeep from 1979-1986.

Reagan GeorgeFrom 1974-1979, Barlow was senior project historic architect in the NPS Colorado Service Center, pointing a group of historic designers, engineers and conservators to supply expertise for websites that incorporated Lower Town in Harpers Ferry, Wv, the Fort Larned National Historic Site in Kansas and also the Custis-Lee Mansion in Arlington National Graveyard.

He's an expert fellow at Texas A&M’s Center for Heritage Conservation.

Philip Berke
Professor of city and regional planning, College of New York-Chapel Hill

Phillip Berke, who gained a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science almost 30 years ago, “is among the top 2 or 3 land use planning students within the U.S., ” stated David Godschalk, professor emeritus of city and regional planning in the College of New York.

He's professor of city and regional planning in the College of New York-Chapel Hill, where he's the deputy director from the Institute for Atmosphere and also the director from the Center for Sustainable Community Design.

Berke, stated Godschalk, is definitely an worldwide recognized land use and environment planner whose research and guides make major contributions within the regions of natural hazard minimization, urban land use planning, growth management, sustainable development and environment planning and policy.

He is another collaborative research scholar from the Worldwide Global Change Institute in Nz, showing research findings at workshops around the world.

Like a faculty member at Texas A&M, Berke assisted found the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center in 1988, writing and stewarding the center’s proposal through its authorization process and becoming its first director with an interim basis.

Walter Peacock, the center’s director, stated Berke assisted establish the HRRC among the world’s leading disaster centers.

“His experience and persistence in allowing the HRRC represent a massive contribution towards the College of Architecture and Texas A&M College, improving its stature within the research community both across the country and worldwide, ” stated Peacock.

Reagan George, FAIA
Upon the market controlling principal, Leo A. Daly Designers and Engineers

George, who gained a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1958, upon the market as controlling principal of Leo A. Dally Designers and Engineers, an worldwide architecture, planning, engineering, interior planning and program management firm, but is constantly on the practice inside a one-guy office near Willow City, Texas, where he and the wife reside in a house he designed.

“George is really a model candidate for that outstanding alumni award and something who epitomizes community service, services to his profession, supporter of his education and teachers, mentor to students and graduates, early environmentalist as well as an accomplished designer, ” stated Velpeau Hawes ’58 inside a nomination letter. Hawes can also be a superb alumnus from the college.

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