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March 3, 2016

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All that you should concentrate on to be able to master AWS Solutions Architect exam certification

AWS Solutions Architect exam guide by Cloud Academy Before speaking about AWS Solutions Architect exam a brief introduction: Amazon . com Web Services (AWS) may be the biggest public cloud on the planet. Their professional services have lead the general public cloud market because the very beginning of cloud-computing. AWS began in 2007 with one service (Simple Storage Service – S3), and it has since broadened quickly in most directions while, simultaneously, consistently shedding prices (they presently convey more than a million active clients).

AWS tracks concentrate on three areas: Solutions Designers, Designers, and SysOps. In the following paragraphs, we'll address the abilities needed for passing the AWS solutions architect exam – Connect level. Although you will find many information sources on AWS, a starting point for straight answers (after Cloud Academy, obviously) ought to be AWS documentation.

Linux along with other os's

Its not necessary to become expert in almost any one operating-system, but it's important to understand how to access (using Home windows RDP or Linux Spend) and manage EC2 Instances in the command line. Knowledge of the fundamental concepts of virtualization may also be helpful.

AWS Solutions Architect exam as well as networking

Good knowledge of TCP/IP networking concepts, IP addresses, CIDR is essential. You ought to be very confident with setting up and dealing with AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPC). Experience using network route tables, access control lists, fire walls, NAT, HTTP, DNS, IP and OSI are useful.

Security and Reliability

You must realise how AWS access control lists, security groups, and IAM work. And you’re likely to be comfy rich in availability and style to fail guidelines, together with individuals associated with disaster recovery. The application security experience will include public key file encryption, SSH, access qualifications, and X.509 certificates to pass through AWS Solutions Architect exam.

Storage and Databases

You ought to have a minimum of a fundamental knowledge of your OS’ file systems to have the ability to correctly use Amazon’s Elastic Block Store (EBS) and straightforward Storage Service (S3). Understanding RDBMS (using MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server), and NoSQL may also be expected.

Enterprise architectures and Software existence cycle

Know about loose coupling and stateless systems, web servers (Apache, nginx, IIS), caching, application servers, and cargo balancers, together with message queuing and Peaceful Web Services, XML, and JSON. A powerful understanding regarding how to communicate with AWS (AWS SDK, AWS API, Command Line Interface, AWS CloudFormation) and also the software development lifecycle will also be assumed.

Some time and assets

Amazon . com suggests you have a minumum of one year of working experience with AWS prior to doing the AWS licensed solutions architect – connect level. Test blueprint lists all of the elements it's important to concentrate on. 30 days of focused study prior to the exam is really a reasonable time.

Don’t search for leaked exam questions (brain dumps), as all candidates sign an NDA prior to doing test. And besides, many question sets available on the internet are misleading. Regardless, it’s good to possess a real look at your height of mastery that just a genuine exam result can provide you with. The Solutions Architect exam questions should test the actual degree of the candidate, because they are compiled by AWS experts, plus they don’t contain filler questions.

Cloud Academy is a superb starting point studying for AWS licensed solutions architect. Cloud Academy has numerous courses that since the needed understanding for that connect level. The 3-part “AWS Solutions Architect Connect Level Certification” series (here, here, and here) completely addresses the abilities you’ll demand for exam. It accessory for courses, Cloud Academy has eight essential labs on AWS. Cloud Academy quizzes and CloudCareer be very convenient in planning for that exam and testing your height of understanding.


AWS will probably continue its impressive growth because the demand on cloud services increases. Being licensed enhances your abilities and attractiveness at work market. I’ve already talked about the certifications in the following paragraphs. You now should have the ability to evaluate if you are ready for that AWS Solutions Architect Exam – Connect level.

More about AWS Solutions Architect Exam: tips and assets.

Motasem Aldiab is really a professor, consultant, trainer, and developer. Dr. Aldiab has his PhD in Computer Engineering from QUB in 2008. He's a licensed trainer for that Cloud School and SOA School. He's been training and offering consultation services for a long time in Java, SOA, and Cloud-computing, and leading training courses and work out (virtual or instructor brought).

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