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February 20, 2016

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training-1_1The information supplied with Internet Based Training (CBT) centers round the features and functionality supplied by the Xacta IA Manager IT risk management suite. Each CBT includes several courses utilized from an intuitive launch page system that facilitates the workflow from the relevant product using lessons and live demos. Included in the CBT launch page, participants will discover prerequisite courses that train them the fundamentals of ways to use the Xacta application. Additionally to supplying instructions on achieving specific tasks, the courses provide participants by having an overall sense of the way the application will probably be used.

COTS Internet Based Training

Our commercial out of the box (COTS) Internet Based Training (CBT) programs are made on using the conventional use of the Xacta IA Manager Product Suite.

Xacta Assessment Engine User Course (NIST RMF)

The Xacta Assessment Engine User Course (NIST RMF) consists of five Core Courses as requirements:

  • About Assessment Engine
  • Getting Began
  • Posting &Working with Documents
  • Workflow Approval Process
  • NIST Workflow Overview
  • After requirements classes are seen, each task and it is process stages in the conventional NIST RMF template are divided into individual launch pages:

    Xacta Continuum

    Xacta Continuum covers the next subjects for Administrator and User-based features:

  • Installation
  • Interface &Navigation
  • Application Setup
  • Content Dictionaries &Adaptive Mapping™
  • Data Collection &Asset Inventory
  • Scan Results &Control Compliance
  • Controlling POA&Ms
  • Confirming
  • Dealing with Xacta Assessment Engine
  • training-2Customized Internet Based Training

    Presently readily available for Xacta Assessment Engine customers, the CBT launch page is personalized to follow along with the customers’ specific Assessment and Authorization process (NIST, ICD-503, etc.). This method is most generally liked by individuals organizations with highly personalized templates and workflows with multiple pathways. The CBT model follows exactly the same premise as our COTS CBT solution with prerequisite courses being introduced before task-based training starts.

    The Workflow Overview course for customized CBTs is fully personalized towards the customer’s template and offers an in depth description of every task and it is purpose inside the personalized workflow. Approval roles will also be addressed when relevant.

    Additionally to task-based training, customized CBTs also address role-based training. This method offers instruction from a person's role perspective, like the Permitting Official (AO), Security Control Assessor (SCA), Information System Owner (ISO) etc., enabling students to target only around the courses highly relevant to their designated role within the application, if preferred.

    Internet Based Training Delivery, Distribution, and Format

    CBTs are shipped on the Compact disc intended for stand-alone playback from the Compact disc-ROM, hard disk or network location (streamed). They use a multi-layered launch page system accustomed to direct the student with the CBT. The CBT covers relevant “core” courses needed to obtain the user acquainted with the basic principles of Xacta Assessment Engine as well as their template workflow. After finishing the main courses, customers will have the ability to visit the detailed task and process step courses using a task-based launch page or role-based launch page (for customized CBTs). The CBT is released within an web browser window using Adobe Expensive player and it has the next Minimum System Needs:

  • You'll want Adobe Expensive Player placed on the body to see the courses. Version 10 or greater is suggested.
  • You'll want an online Browser installed. The next Browsers and versions are suggested and also have been effectively examined with this CBTs:
  • Mozilla Opera version 3
  • MS Ie version 7
  • Apple Safari version 7
  • The next hardware specifications are suggested: 2 Ghz processor or greater, 2 GB RAM or greater.
    What Is SIA Training?
    What Is SIA Training?
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    IPedge Meeting End User Training
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