TOGAF 9.1 Training

June 2, 2016

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Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification LogoIn-person training classes need a significant commitment of time many enterprise designers can't afford.

Within this video course, Conexiam’s Chief Instructor, Dork Hornford, provides all of the content provided within our 4-day in-person class. Students move through the program in their own pace, looking at or missing ahead.

The only real distinction between this program and Conexiam's class TOGAF® 9.1 Certification course is that you simply attend anytime you like.

We offer this program using Desire2Learn's distance education technology - with this particular technology we are able to provide full learning online, self-study video training using the normal slide course material. A student is free of charge to focus on video lecture, course material and switch backwards and forwards.

We belive the opportunity to gain the abilities and understanding essential to obtain TOGAF® 9.1 Certification at the pace, in your schedule without compromising on the right course materials and instruction is crucial for effective learning online.
With Conexiam's self-study TOGAF® 9.1 Certification course proceed at the own pace knowing you're fully supported.

Purpose: Gain the understanding and abilities to get licensed in TOGAF® 9.1 at the own pace.

Each module is roughly twenty minutes lengthy. Learning online research signifies that 20-minute periods are most suitable for instruction of subjects like TOGAF 9.1.

Outdoors Group’s TOGAF standard is really a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework utilized by the earth's leading organizations to enhance business efficiency and drive competitive advantage. The TOGAF standard helps professionals do not be locked into proprietary techniques, utilize assets more effectively and effectively, and realize a larger roi. TOGAF is definitely an industry-standard architecture framework that might be used freely from your organization to build up architecture.

Key Learning Objectives

Within this 36-module learning online, self-study video course, you will get the understanding required to get ready for and get both TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 (Foundation) certification, and TOGAF 9.1 Level 2 (Licensed). Become familiar with the frameworks, structure and ideas of TOGAF 9 and just how to evaluate and apply this understanding.

Optionally, you are able to take part in a workshop that talks about Conexiam's 9 standard example exercises.

All course materials are provided digitally.

  • 33 training modules (~20-minutes each)
    - 22 cover course content
    - 1 covers the Example
    - 9 cover exercises centered on using TOGAF
  • Electronic copy of Conexiam TOGAF 9.1 Certification courseware and workout materials
  • Electronic copy from the Open Group TOGAF 9.1 Study Guide (Part 1 &lifier Part 2)
  • Electronic copy from the Open Group TOGAF 9.1 sample certification exams
  • Electronic copy of Navigate templates and public architecture tools utilized in the program
  • Open Group exam voucher for Open Group Certification exam used at any Prometric.
  • Level 1 option covers the TOGAF Level 1 exam
  • Combined Level 1 &lifier 2 option covers the combined TOGAF Level 1 &lifier Level 2 exam (OGO-093)
  • 33 training modules (up-to twenty-minutes each) at the own pace. You might watch them as frequently as you desire.

    22 Modules cover TOGAF 9.1 Certification materials.

    10 modules cover our standard example and exercises that pulls the finish-to-finish thread from reason for architecture to motivation &lifier stakeholders to business, human resources and technical architecture, to traceability towards the architecture roadmap.

    Some enterprise architecture experience is advantageous.
    Understanding of business processes is helpful.

    Who should attend

    People thinking about receiving TOGAF 9.1 certification, for example:

  • Chief Designers
  • Enterprise Designers
  • Business Designers
  • Business Experts
  • Solution Designers
  • Follow-on Enterprise Architecture professional development training

    Formats supported

    We make use of a portal from Desire2Learn for that video part of this program. The entire functionality from the portal depends upon Expensive.

    We've provided support for an additional alternate platforms, accepting that the opportunity to rearange the screen is missing. The next non-expensive platforms can be found:

  • Android Tablet
  • Desktop HTML5
  • iPad
  • apple iphone
  • ipod device
  • To buy the program, make use of the link. It will lead you to PayPal where one can either make use of the guest check-out, a current PayPal account or produce a new account.

    Introduction to TOGAF9.1 Certification Training | TOGAF9.1
    Introduction to TOGAF9.1 Certification Training | TOGAF9.1 ...
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    TOGAF 9.1 training testimonials -The Unit Academy - Full
    Introduction to TOGAF 9.1 Certification Training | TOGAF 9
    Introduction to TOGAF 9.1 Certification Training | TOGAF 9 ...
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