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March 31, 2017


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The Making Metropolitan areas Summer time School takes place yearly while offering a dynamic five-day experience in the Sheffield School of Architecture. The programme continues to be designed to give participants first-hands experience with the look process while dealing with leading professionals.

The Summer time School is targeted at individuals who are interested in architecture and style. In 2014 and 2015 we welcomed categories of participants from a variety of skills including prospective students, worldwide students and students using their company colleges. It provides participants the opportunity to develop an architectural project inside a school with world leading teaching and research along with a unique ethos surrounding social engagement.

Making Cities 2015 StudentsThis can be a unique chance to collaborate with a lot of our highly famous asked visitors. Participants operate in groups with the best designers, engineers and artists within the United kingdom. Periods are made and went by a few of Sheffield's leading academics and teachers within the area of Architecture. Cooperating in galleries towards the top of the humanities Tower participants uses a huge type of the town to build up ideas.

The entire time course supplies a challenging brief along with a programme of abilities periods, walks, talks, and presentations.


Sheffield is really a fascinating town of wealthy heritage and sophisticated urban systems. Through the centuries, Sheffield’s industrial and economic significance has formed the town, departing a tantalising variety of challenges and possibilities.

Entry Portfolio for BA Architecture Westminster University
Entry Portfolio for BA Architecture Westminster University
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