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October 6, 2016


Cambridge is really a wealthy atmosphere to study Architecture, getting numerous significant structures that together represent one 1000 many years of architectural history. The College is extremely rated for teaching and research within the subject. Wolfson is distinctive one of the Schools in getting two Guys who're also staff within the University’s Department of Architecture. Professor Koen Steemers is Mind of Department his research and teaching concentrate on subjects in sustainable design. Dr Alistair Fair is Director of Studies for that College along with a Research Connect within the Department. He's an architectural historian whose interests lie in British architecture in the Renaissance to the current. There's additionally a strong community of Architecture postgraduates at Wolfson.

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Academic Needs:

There's no recommended mixture of An Amount (or equivalent) subjects needed for that Architecture course. Candidates with skills either in the humanities or even the sciences happen to be effective, although a mix of arts and science subjects is the best preparation. Nearly all candidates have analyzed Art or Good reputation for Art, which supplies a much better preparation for that course than subjects for example Design Technology and Technical Graphics. Mathematics at An Amount (or equivalent) can also be urged. A powerful interest and dedication to the discipline is important. The Department and College notice that mature students may bring particular understanding and abilities towards the course due to their previous studies and experience.

Please be aware that it's not easy to apply being an affiliate for that Architecture course.

In their application candidates are needed to submit an example of attracted operate in type of 4 x A4 sheets to Wolfson College.


All candidates are required to exhibit a portfolio of latest work on interview. We're not looking to see work of the architectural character within the portfolio (e.g. plans, sections, etc). What we should may wish to see is one thing which will illustrate that candidates possess a strong curiosity about the topic in addition to exceptional ability within the visual and material arts. Normally drawing and painting forms the foundation from the portfolio but other media for example sculpture and photography can also be incorporated. It is almost always sufficient for 3-dimensional try to be showed in photographs.

A sketchbook with ongoing sketches is very useful and candidates are urged to create someone to the job interview. It might be in almost any media (pencil, charcoal, crayon, etc) and really should include a number of subject material. The job could be material ready for school-departing exams but creative work performed outdoors formal courses may also be welcome.

Cambridge University Architecture Society Annual Summer Show
Cambridge University Architecture Society Annual Summer Show
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