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August 18, 2017

Bachelor of Landscape
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Landscape architecture requires an awareness of individuals, land and also the fit together. Using creativeness and innovation, Landscape Designers goal to meet the requirements of individuals while enhancing the atmosphere. They design memorable locations that are attractive, functional and sustainable which modify the way our metropolitan areas, and surrounding suburbs, rural and backwoods areas are planned, designed and handled. For those who have creative capabilities and are curious about problem-fixing and communication, then consider studying landscape architecture in the College of Guelph.

The fully accredited four-year (8 semester) Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program and also the three-year (6 semester) Master of Landscape Architecture program satisfy the educational needs for entry in to the professional associations of landscape designers across Canada, The United States and abroad.

Graduates from your programs become licensed professionals and also have exciting careers within the public, private and academic industries, within Canada and round the world.

Landscape Architecture Mission Statement

To stand out at comprehensive and evidence-based education, innovation, and scholarship within the science and art of landscape architecture and also to prepare graduates to guide professional practice to return.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is really a profession dedicated to the development of significant and vital outside places and also to the sustainable control over our atmosphere. Landscape Designers make an effort to set up a balance between our use and pleasure from the land using the conservation and health from the atmosphere. The Profession is dedicated to enhancing our quality of existence by using creative, technical and scientific abilities to handle and make conditions which are attractive, functional, innovative and appropriate.

Master of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is really a different and rewarding design profession. Landscape Designers play a huge role in shaping our atmosphere, working together with other designers, researchers and also the public. Like a Landscape Architect, you'll engage in conservation, design and control over landscapes in the proportions of individual sites to entire towns and regions.

Landscape Designers are led through the beliefs in keeping assets for future decades, accommodating human use and pleasure, and improving aesthetic quality within the atmosphere. As professionals, we serve the requirements of society and individual clients through public, private and academic practice.

Students within the MLA program undertake design projects and theses centered on sustainable towns, urban design, nature and conservation areas, environmental restoration, courses and waterfronts, urban parks, plazas and districts, community design, therapeutic landscapes, heritage conservation, land reclamation and removal, and tourism planning and style.

David Fredenburgh - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
David Fredenburgh - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
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