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June 14, 2016

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The Condition Department water Assets requires metropolitan areas and areas in California to enforce a Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance or local ordinance that's a minimum of competitive with the State's model ordinance when it comes to achieving water savings. The Town of Palo Alto integrated its outside water use efficiency recommendations in to the adoption from the Condition Eco-friendly Building Standards Code (CALGreen).

New construction and restoration projects which include landscape designs must adhere to Condition and City needs for landscape water efficiency. Please make reference to the town of Palo Alto's Development Services Division which are more current needs from the City's Eco-friendly Building Program . New construction and restoration landscape projects in Palo Alto must adhere to the next standards.

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Non-Residential Projects

Satisfy the Mandatory plus Tier 1 or Tier 2 needs for Outside Water Efficiency and Conservation within the CALGreen Code based on project scope.

  • Tier 1: All projects whenever a landscape area incorporated within the scope from the project is more than 1Thousand sq ft.
  • Tier 2: Landscapes associated with a size once the project is really a new construction, rebuild, or addition with more than 1Thousand sq ft of creating area.
  • Complete the Landscape Water Use Statement and Water Use Information forms.
  • Submit landscape and irrigation plans that report a construction and designs plan that satisfy the landscape water efficiency needs per project scope and match water use information forms.
  • Show "crimson pipe" irrigation plumbing is going to be installed to be used of recycled water for irrigation if needed.

Palo Alto Utilities Department offers training courses and rebates to help you within this effort.

  • Do you know the needs for Non-Residential Projects?
  • Non-residential projects are susceptible to the Condition Eco-friendly Building Code (CALGreen) outside water use efficiency standards with local Palo Alto changes.
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