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October 1, 2018

B.Arch. students in the

Portfolio table at March Open House 2014If you're asked to have an interview, you've got the chance to provide towards the admissions committee a portfolio of the creative artistic work.

What to incorporate in your portfolio

You will find no specific needs for investment portfolios you can whatever you feel best signifies your creativeness. Possible portfolio pieces may include:

  • Sketches or works of art that demonstrate an awareness of using colour
  • Examples of 2- and three-dimensional works
  • Other creative works e.g., photography, craftwork, ceramics, jewelry, metal work
  • Dance and music, either carried out live or on tape.

The committee can also be thinking about seeing your sketchbooks and proof of your thought and inventive process.

It's more suitable to usher in the initial versions of the pieces, instead of photo taking or any other reproductions. Investment portfolios composed strictly of drafting or any other technical sketches are hardly ever exactly what the admissions committee seeks.

Remember it's your portfolio

An essential part of the procedure may be the resolution of authorship of the portfolio pieces. You need to have the ability to demonstrate through discussion using the committee your individual understanding and participation in most pieces presented. Be ready to talk to and fix your creative work, along with other interests. Submission of labor that's not your personal can lead to the dismissal of the application.

Your portfolio ought to be recent

Forces of observation, design sensitivity, drawing abilities, and craftsmanship constantly improve and will probably be more refined in recent work. Include only how you feel to become your very best operate in the ultimate portfolio.

Portfolio limits

There's no page limit or piece limit for the portfolio. However, keep in mind that you'll have only 25 minutes inside your interview to highlight your individual work.

Architectural Portfolio
Architectural Portfolio
University Portfolio
University Portfolio
architecture portfolio
architecture portfolio
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