Architecture, University of Michigan

May 23, 2020

3) Master of Architecture

Taubman College’s graduate professional degree in architecture is really a studio intensive degree that can take a vital look at design, theory, and production. Professional training and electives in topical areas supplement the look education model. The mixture of professional training and training in representation, fabrication, history, and theory prepares students to take part in an investigation-based thesis design project his or her final studio. This program provides a wide-variety of electives everOrconcept, critique, structures, environment and construction technology, urbanism, sustainable design, computation, and digital fabrication. It's enhanced by its context, including urban organizers, urban designers, doctorate students, and publish-professional students focusing in conservation, material systems, design and health, and technology. The school recognizes the need for the perspective acquired from college-wide and discipline-wide collaborations and encourages students to make use of the assets offered at a top-notch research institution. Students who gained an undergraduate degree in architecture complete their M.Arch Degree in 2 years. Students who hold an undergraduate degree in another discipline should be expecting to follow along with the three-year Master of Architecture training program. The M.Arch. degree is accredited through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Joseph Rosa, University of Michigan Museum of Art
Joseph Rosa, University of Michigan Museum of Art ...
Maurice Cox: University of Michigan Taubman College of
Maurice Cox: University of Michigan Taubman College of ...
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