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February 14, 2016

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For detailed needs, guidelines, and methods, please make use of the Graduate Guide links around the right side of the page.


With the Graduate School of Arts &lifier Sciences, the Department of Music offers levels in Musicology (M.A., resulting in M.Phil., and Ph.D.) and Composition (M.A., resulting in D.M.A.).

The Musicology program includes three areas: historic musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory. With these areas, research and teaching concentrate on an array of subjects, including music history in the western world, non-Western musics and cultures, popular and concrete musics, jazz, analytical techniques, music cognition, music appearance, and also the philosophy of music. Application is built to one of these simple areas, because both versions also features its own degree needs, specified at length within the Graduate Guide links around the right side of the page. The Musicology program is based on an initial-class library, the Gabe Wiener Music &lifier Arts Library, situated in Dodge Hall, along with the extensive seem archives from the Center for Ethnomusicology. The department hosts the earliest and many exclusive academic music journal edited by graduated pupils, Current Musicology.

This program in Composition offers instruction to a small amount of highly qualified candidates working in a number of contemporary styles and media. Its degree needs are specified at length within the Graduate Guide links around the right side of the page. The Composition program is enhanced by its connection to the famous Columbia Computer Music Center, including condition-of-the-art facilities for employed in electroacoustic music. Columbia Composers, students-directed organization, offers possibilities for public performances of arrangements in a variety of concert facilities in New You are able to City. Other possibilities for college students to listen to the work they do can be found with the professional ensembles.

Some Helpful Hand books and Websites

Graduate School of Arts &lifier Sciences [GSAS] Bulletin, This is actually the official publication that you ought to consult regularly as the primary resource. It's available on the web and from 107 Low Memorial Library. The GSAS Bulletin gives info on many matters that concern you: the educational calendar and due dates, admissions and educational funding, registration and expenses, honours, financial loans and employment, general and retail needs. Furthermore, it lists individuals courses given every so often by each department for any two-year period. For every course it provides the program number and title, and points (models) of credits, where possible the title from the instructor along with a description of content.

GSAS Educational Funding. General tuition, educational funding, fellowship information, student employment options along with other information highly relevant to graduated pupils. Important telephone numbers for offices that cope with facets of tuition, educational funding, transcripts and health services are situated on the rear of this guide.

It's also wise to make reference to Student Services Online for account balances, refunds, address changes, grades, holds, and transcript orders.

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