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June 2, 2022

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Welcome ISoA Alumni!

The breadth of possibilities by which our current alumni engage is staggering. Illinois graduates operate in traditional architectural practices, within the construction industry, as urban designers, in community development and repair outreach activities, in public places art institutions in addition to corporate institutions, as theatre set designers, industrial designers, furniture and lighting designers, as authors of public guidelines guiding the introduction of built conditions, as well as in property, insurance as well as in development firms shaping future built atmosphere possibilities. -David Chasco

Send us your updates, your tales, your achievements, your musings to ensure that we are able to share and make our very own strong ISoA alumni network. Remain in touch increase your contact details. Achieve to one another and also to our students to assist us develop a reliable communication structure to produce that value-add. Our alumni e-newsletter is only the littlest approach we take to can connect. If you wish to host a get-together, employ a student, welcome an intern or simply socialize with alumni inside your new community and would really like assistance, please email or call Gail Rost at or 217-244-3594.


Carol Gaetano focus of sophistication of '74 recognition, much to her surprise!

I met Carol, Baloney, 1974, MArch 1976, in a nice little restaurant in Corona Del Marly for supper and even though we'd never met, I understood who she was by her smile after i came with the door. Allow me to support. Last fall, Doug Gilpin, Type of 1974, gave my office a phone call and it was looking forward to a concept. Several people of his class - and Carol's too - had become together in the AIA Convention in Chicago and extremely loved themselves. They reminisced regarding their Versailles study-abroad experience and talked about how important it had been for them that they that have. Consequently, a concept was created. They made the decision like a group to produce a new scholarship to have an Illinois student to review abroad plus they desired to it all set to go for his or her 45th reunion. With review and planning, the category exercised the particulars and made the decision to boost $6Thousand.00 to award to some student who'll travel in 2019, providing them with a goal date of the next reunion and five years to boost the cash! And, they made the decision to title it after Carol. Where does Carol squeeze into this? Carol may be the “glue” which has stored this group together. She gets strongly about building and looking after associations and is constantly on the shepherd her class. She also felt that her Versailles experience assisted define her and her class mates it appears perfect to recognition Carol by doing this. The truly amazing news is, her class mates happen to be generous and they're already singleOrthree of the method to their goal to finance the Carol Gaetano Honorary Traveling Scholarship Fund! Thanks Carol, Doug and also the Type of 1974!

-Gail Rost,


ISoA Classes of 1955 - 59 met in Northbrook, Illinois in June 2014

From Bill Gaul, ‘57: Eleven from the men proven resided in the Alpha Rho Chi house. Six approximately labored within our kitchen, but resided in PGU's that have been also known as "Quonset Sheds". All the kitchen men visited Navy Pier for 2 years before you go to Champaign. Another a part of Navy Pier offered because the U. of I. extension in Chicago prior to being changed into an theme park.

All of us graduated following a 5 years of study having a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Obviously there have been no computer systems, hand calculators, wise phones, dumb phones, pills, etc. in those days. Rather, we transported our reliable slide rules to math-type courses. Subject classes incorporated art and architectural design, good reputation for architecture, physics, soil mechanics, plumbing design, theoretical and applied materials, Air conditioning, etc. Some people selected the engineering option which incorporated differential and integral calculus, and determinate and indeterminate structural design.

I was needed to accept four day condition board exam to achieve our license to rehearse architecture after finishing 2 yrs of apprentice operate in an authorized office.

The age range of those proven are roughly from 79 to 83 years (Aside from David Chasco, past Director of ISoA!) We'd our first reunion 2 yrs ago about half from the men within the picture.

Top row in the left: Jack Cappozzo, George Venturi, Tony Bonovolanto, Marv Bamburg, Sandy Furman, David Chasco, Pete Lendrum, Tom Torke, Paul Ehrlich.

Bottom row in the left: Dick Hansen, Bob Koch, Bill Brown, Bill Gaul, John Kitazaki, Joe Pappalardo, Roy Paleta, Carl Beil, Bill Paschke.

Type of '72 Versailles Reunion arriving September 2015

Please save the weekend of September 19th &lifier 20th for any reunion from the 1970 – 1971 Versailles alumni around the College of Illinois Urbana Champaign Campus. It was the date and placement using the greatest positive count. We're now considering various agendas and campus locations. Much of your reactions have recommended a minimal key informal agenda. We are in contact once we work further on particulars. Hopefully that you'll have the ability to reach the reunion and anticipate seeing you.

Mike McCulley, &lifier Chuck Kress, cwkress@comcast.internet, your Central Illinois contacts. (Ken Stock may be the Honored Emeritus Director from the reunion advisory committee)

PS Written By Michael: We don't want to clog anybody with a lot of group emails. We're still trying to locate a couple of lost class mates and proper some outdated emails, so Chuck &lifier I'll intend to send an e-mail later on to find out if any one of you has up-to-date contact details for particular lost childhood friends. Or no of you want to make contact with class mates about planning yet another reunion in another location for example Versailles to go to that old school, Barcelona to go to the brand new program, etc. we can present you with our contact details.

Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El
Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El ...
"Angels in the Architecture" Geneva High School Band Dec 2012
"Angels in the Architecture" Geneva High School Band Dec 2012
Illinois School of Architecture - Class of 2015
Illinois School of Architecture - Class of 2015
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