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January 14, 2018

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ACESA Student OrganizationPrior Learning Assessment
To be able to complete the amount needs within the least period of time. Credit from existence experience could be granted through Prior Learning Assessment. Additionally transfer credit using their company schools and dual credit from senior high school course work could be granted.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Learning BIM supplies a entrance in to the most up-to-date technology within the area and also the best job prospects. Creating structures using information management is economical, and Building Information Modeling enhances productivity, so architectural and construction firms are wanting to take advantage of the new technology and seek employees who've mastered it.

The program is attentive to the dynamic character from the area and trains you for current and future employment options. Up-to-date computer labs provide training around the latest software.


Architectural Engineering Technology courses cover subjects including:

  • Good reputation for architecture and also the relationship to building, culture and technology
  • Design drawing techniques and style methodology
  • Critical thinking utilized by designers and designers to resolve problems
  • Associations between clients, designers, designers, engineers and companies
  • Preparation of commercial and residential construction and designs documentation
  • Basic principles of creating utilities, structural systems, cost calculating and materials
  • Basic principles from the Architectural design and building delivery process and
  • Architectural computer assisted drawing techniques including 3-D rendering and Building Information Modeling.

Student Investment portfolios

Student Investment portfolios (Ebooks)

Comments from your Students

"In 2005, I grew to become the latest accessory for they at Interior Planning Affiliates Corporation, an excellent staff of individuals to utilize along with a wonderful company to take part in. Wages are above componen and also the benefits are top shelf. None of this is possible with no education I caused by Nashville Condition College. The combined efforts of teachers result in the chance to learn not just advantageous towards the career from the students, but a pleasurable one too. The program’s broad length of curriculum prepares a student for nearly any job within the architectural and/or engineering area. To finish it off teachers work feverishly to challenge the scholars each and every crossroad inside the program, covering the capability for abstract and diligent thought once within the working world. I owe a great deal to individuals at Nashville Condition and can remember time there among growth, wealth and happiness." - Chris Lips, CAD Designer

Rob Donaldson"We have spent in another area in excess of 12 many many lay offs, I made the decision a new job path was at order. After much research, I finally determined a new job area within the Architectural Engineering Technology. I made the decision around the program at Nashville Condition College. This program was as challenging because it was rewarding. I have not regretted the option of program or school. The training and education I received at Nashville Condition has assisted within the growth of my career. I joined Nashville State's Co-op program, and recognized a situation using the Condition of Tennessee upon graduation. Over 10 years later, I've received four promotions. I'm doing precisely what I've been trained and taught to do, and am loving every minute from it. Thanks Nashville Condition and also the Architectural Engineering Technology program in order to me to attain my goals and achieve new job levels." - Cent Stafford, Construction and designs Manager, Division of Real Estate Administration, Condition of Tennessee

"So what can I only say concerning the Architectural Engineering Technology program at Nashville Condition College? This program has prepared me for any career and assisted me develop a firm foundation for more studies in architecture. Getting hands-on knowledge about the CAD software and being uncovered towards the Sweets Catalog, building codes, and various techniques of construction makes the transition in the school towards the work atmosphere super easy. Not just may be the program very informative, but it's challenging. To any or all individuals who are curious about a job in architecture, the Architectural Engineering Technology program at NSCC is a great starting point. I can’t say enough concerning the program—it has assisted me in lots of ways. Nashville Sate College includes a great Architectural Engineering Technology program." - K.P. Panyavong

ACESA Architecture and Construction Club

ACESA provides possibilities for educational advancement, career enhancement, public outreach and community service for college students within the Architectural, Construction and Civil Engineering Technology program at NSCC. The club sponsors guest lectures, area trip, social occasions and community service possibilities.

Program Faculty

Jack C. Wallace RA, Connect Professor, Architectural Engineering Technology,
Jack is a licensed architect for 18 years with experience of residential, commercial and institutional architectural design. He would be a person receiving an AIA merit award for that Maxwell Center an historic upkeep project in Wheeling, Wv. He's been employed in a number of configurations varying from becoming an intern in a 90-person firm to as being a sole specialist He's practiced in Ohio, Wv and Montana before visiting Nashville Condition in 2007.

Teaching duties: Drawing and Perception, Residential Construction and designs, Commercial Drafting and Codes, and Architectural Design Process.

Bachelor of proper Arts, Ohio College, Athens, Ohio, 1974
Master of proper Art, Northern Illinois College, DeKalb, Illinois, 1978
Master of Architecture, Miami College, Oxford, Ohio, 1984

Take advantage of Donaldson, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Technology,
Take advantage of has more than ten years experience of the engineering area. He's labored both in areas of electrical and civil engineering. His newest experience was at structural design, building inspection and civil engineering before visiting Nashville Condition in 2007.

Teaching duties: Construction Materials and Techniques, Testing of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Environment Control Systems, Surveying, Geographic Human Resources and Specifications and Calculating.

Bs, Electrical Engineering, College of Florida, Polk, Florida, 1980
Master of Civil Engineering, College of Florida, Polk, Florida, 1999

Bryan Evans, Instructor, 3-D Design and Computer-Assisted Design,
Bryan has more than 20 experience teaching at Nashville Condition. A graduate of Nashville Condition, Bryan ongoing his studies of mechanical engineering and personal computers, while being employed as a 3-D designer in automation systems, product design, marketing, and finally into computer-based machine controls and programming for any Tennessee automation, manufacturing and style firm. John keeps close ongoing connection with the industry's latest technology and trends, to make sure students get the most up to date instruction when preparing for that current employment market.

Teaching duties: All amounts of Computer-Assisted Drafting, 3-D Design, and Digital Animation.


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