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June 22, 2022

Design: Tectoniques Architects
The Department of Architecture is hosting INFEWS, a celebration which will bring distinguished scientists and style professionals from over the U.S. along with faculty and students from many KU departments, beginning Thursday night. evening, Jan. 21, ending at 2:00 p.m. Sitting., Jan. 23. The 3rd annual Water Charrette for college students belongs to the Symposium, out of the box a 3- workshop on eco-friendly roofs backed by Tremco. It's the third year consecutively the Department has placed on a celebration associated with these subjects.

Innovation in the Nexus of Food + Energy + Water Symposium
INFEWS, that has been underwritten with a grant in the National Science Foundation, will address the process of the healthiness of our related food, energy and water systems, that have been exposed to growing pressure from global warming, population growth, and resource depletion. The symposium can help galvanize research collaboration among faculty across multiple disciplines and facilitate applied research with design professionals. This interdisciplinary network of students and designers will interact in panel discussions and select few break-out periods.

Connect Professor of Architecture Steve Padget, and INFEWS organizer, stated the symposium will support integrated experimental research toward what he calls a "food-energy-water socio-technical systems model" that fosters safer and much more efficient control over these assets. "Besides awareness, one outcome hopefully for is the fact that we are able to create a built-in method of accumulating generation x of pros who are able to use INFEWS-related issues."

Third annual Water Charrette Student Design workshop
Students attending the big event can also get an chance to have fun playing the Water Charette. This third annual 24-hour design exercise can give them the chance to find methods to an designated design problem associated with food, water, and. Students start to design at 9:30 a.m. on Friday and can begin presentations of the final designs on Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

Tremco Eco-friendly Roofing Seminar for Professionals
On Friday, Tremco, a roof covering manufacturer, is providing a seminar for professionals that concentrates on the significance of controlling storm water runoff, and proactively addressing water conservation. Eco-friendly roofs is going to be examined thorough like a viable way to address these concerns. This seminar is qualified for AIA Ongoing Education Credits.

Dean Daas to provide Condition from the School Address March. 27

Dean Daas will address students, faculty, and staff in the first annual Condition from the School Address from 4:30-6 p.m., Tuesday, March. 27, in 120 Budig Hall. He'll discuss a brand new vision for that school, which resulted simply in the Fly High Visioning Retreat held with faculty, staff, and students in August. Additionally the dean will discuss what goes on next, how we are initiating systems of alumni and students, and plans for faculty and alumni symposia that'll be held soon.

The College of Architecture, Design &lifier Planning and KU Professional &lifier Ongoing Education are sponsoring the BIM Pulse 2015: Large Data Symposium. The big event is going to be Thursday, September 24, in the BEST Conference Center, KU Edwards Campus, Overland Park, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Today’s digital models are extremely data-intensive that BIM technologies in contemporary approaches for architecture, engineering and construction demand the manipulation of “big data” to deal with problems with data quality, collaboration, and interoperability. The BIM Pulse Symposium will concentrate on large data and it is effect on current architecture and engineering practices. The big event starts by determining the difficulties of large data and project integration, then a number of discussions on which regional and national organizations do to deal with individuals challenges.

Professor of Architecture Charles Eastman, director from the Georgia Institute of Technology will show the symposium’s keynote address. He is among the architecture profession’s premier experts in solids, parametric modeling, engineering databases and product models and interoperability. He's also an energetic investigator within the regions of design cognition and cognitive science.

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