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August 2, 2017

TOGAF Certification | Java

By The Open GroupThrough The Open Group

This really is the beginning inside a two part series.

Professional development and training is really a constantly hot subject inside the technology industry. In the end, who doesn’t wish to succeed in their job and perform better?

Ongoing training and education is especially essential for technology experts who happen to be within the area. With new tech trends, programming languages and methods continuously appearing, most professionals can’t afford not to have their skills current nowadays.

Outdoors Group member Chris Remedy is well-experienced within the obstacles that technology professionals face to complete their jobs. Leader of Remedy Process Group, Corporation. (APG), Remedy and the firm provide ongoing education and certification programs for technology professionals and Enterprise Designers covering every aspect of the enterprise development lifecycle. We lately spoken with Remedy about the requirements of Architecture professionals and also the abilities and tools he thinks are essential to complete the job effectively today.

What are the latest trends you’re seeing in training today?

Basically consider the types of things we’ve been helping individuals with, we certainly continue doing professional certifications like TOGAF®. It seems the U.S. continues to be lagging behind Europe with transmission of TOGAF certifications. For instance, the popularity continues to be the U.K. is number 1 in certifications and also the U.S. is # 2. According to sheer amounts of employees, there should really be much more people licensed within the U.S., but that may be associated with cultural variations in regional marketplaces as associated with certification.

Another trend we’re seeing lots of is “How will i do that within the real life?” TOGAF deliberately does not go near the amount of detail that prescribes how you absolutely things. Many professionals are searching for focused, detailed training specific to various Enterprise Architecture (EA) domain names. APG does a great deal of this with this enterprise clients to assist institutionalize EA practices. You will find also many tool suppliers that offer tools to assist accomplish EA tasks so we assist with training on individuals.

Knotion Togaf 9 training video part 4 of 10
Knotion Togaf 9 training video part 4 of 10
Penos - TOGAF Training (April-May 2015)
Penos - TOGAF Training (April-May 2015)
Knotion Togaf 9 training video part 6 of 10
Knotion Togaf 9 training video part 6 of 10
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