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July 9, 2016

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Aarhus UniversityBased on StudyPortals’ Worldwide Student Satisfaction Honours 2014, Denmark is ranked the 3rd best spot to review in Europe, behind fellow Nordic nations Finland and Sweden. The honours derive from almost 7Thousand students’ opinions, after students examined their experience with what it’s prefer to study in Europe in a variety of different nations, through the world’s biggest database of worldwide student encounters,

According to 287 worldwide students’ comments, Denmark received your final overall score of 9.1 from 10. In comparison to this past year, the amount of student satisfaction among individuals studying in Denmark elevated particularly, from typically 8.9. A Student Satisfaction Honours provide valuable details about education standards and gratifaction, along with the overall impressions of worldwide students signed up for Danish colleges.

Recognition for top-carrying out colleges in Denmark

Six colleges in Denmark were nominated for student satisfaction honours. Aarhus College received the greatest distinction, granted for “outstanding” worldwide student satisfaction it received a typical rating above 9.5 from 10, which makes it the greatest-ranked college in Denmark.

The following three institutions received an “excellent” rating: Copenhagen Business School, Technical College of Denmark (DTU) and VIA College College. Meanwhile the College of Copenhagen and also the College of Southern Denmark received honours for “very good” worldwide student satisfaction.

Why is Denmark among the best places to review in Europe?

Among the best locations to review in Europe, Denmark provides quality greater teaching programs to worldwide students. Most student testers appreciate Danish universities’ innovative teaching, mixing theoretical understanding with project-based practical encounters that need critical thinking and cooperation.

Students also stated they loved the truly amazing degree of independence cheap some programs offer self-arranging options. Modern Danish colleges provide well-outfitted labs and libraries inside a friendly learning atmosphere. Worldwide students also gave kudos towards the staff and services at colleges in Denmark.

“The college has great academics. All of the instructors are extremely friendly and also the learning program is extremely efficient. College facilities are extremely modern and encourage using technology like a tool that ought to help to get new understanding throughout the classes.” – Student from Belgium

“Nice instructors with great techniques. Good organization, great training with fun activities. We many userful stuff here. You had been never frightened of an instructor or of the presentation – instructors and students are on a single level.–

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