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July 12, 2022

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Gund Hall, Harvard University. Image © Harvard UniversityIt’s that season again: DesignIntelligence has launched their 2014 ratings of the greatest US Architecture Schools. Though all students and professionals are curious to understand who is # 1, we encourage you to definitely your investment ratings and think about the survey’s invaluable insight around the current condition of architecture and architectural education.

100s of design teachers and professionals took part in the 2014 survey to recognize the profession’s greatest challenges, in addition to precisely how design education is changing to mirror individuals challenges and which schools are actually creating students best outfitted for that profession today.

Of all the data, two Colleges separated itself.

Find out more to discover which two Colleges would be best planning students in 2014, following the break…

What Firms Want

When evaluating DesignIntelligence’s 2014 survey to last year’s results, it appears that focal points among firms have continued to be fairly consistent. While practices look for design excellence among new employs, they’re also striving to locate somebody that can offer insight and concepts into sustainability, interdisciplinary technology and design changes.

Based on the survey, 48.5% of firms (the greatest percentage) recognized design quality because the architecture profession’s premier concern. Following close behind (multiple reactions were permitted) were problems with integrated design (47.2%), sustainability/global warming (45.8%), and technological change (45.8%).

Sustainability remains a running theme through the report, as 58.% of firms thought to possess tips using their new hires’ ideas about sustainability and 67.4% of Deans reported sustainability and global warming among the profession’s greatest concerns.

However, interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated practice has started to maneuver for the spotlight. While Deans and professionals agree that integrated design may be the profession’s second leading concern, the Deans have noted more focus on interdisciplinary collaboration continues to be the main alternation in architectural education in the last 5 years. This transformation was noted by 74.2% from the survey’s educator participants.

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