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July 18, 2016

Interior Design is a visual

Aaron Dolan, lead designer at Studio Home Interiors in Columbia, Missouri

Space fanatics serving as a team…

16 years before we printed the title Studio HOME on the business card printing in 2008 we understood it had been what we should desired to do. We’re a dimensional group of space fanatics having a knack for locating an agreement between form and performance. Just like a marriage of art and purpose. Creating atmospheres that spark conversation, sooth and solidify the area that you simply call home.

We work together, balancing everyone’s talents and steering obvious of formulaic design.

lead designer

I was raised encircled by individuals who put lots of stock in good design within their home, creating warm and welcoming retreats. After many tests and errors of youth, I centered on a job mixing DESIGN and my love and will need a HOME. This mixture appeared natural and comfy for me personally so we want our clients to feel likewise. My player-switched-artist father, together with my art-degreed mother, fully supported my career decision.

For 15 years I'd the privilege to operate beside very creative and capable individuals who trained me in the ground-up. I will be grateful for that experience together with a proper education in design in the College of Missouri.

The truly amazing leap for Jon Trigg and myself ended up being to establish our very own business in 2008 and lastly used all of the understanding we'd acquired, thus Studio Home was created. Our goal would be to create and mold spaces which are favorable to the clients wellness. Retreats, customized to the client’s taste, commercial and residential.

We vary wildly: exceptional custom framework, a retail space that provides our clients a feeling of our capabilities, unique objects of art for that stop by customer, to completely creating a property or business

interior. We'll even source art for the clients. Because the old adage states, “be careful what you want for, you might get it”, has happened. Therefore we greet you to the Studio Home and please feel in your own home.

interior designer &lifier framer

I’ve always loved houses and rooms. I began employed in building trades and construction after i was youthful, analyzed architecture in senior high school as well as for 2 yrs in the College of Missouri. I like taking a current space and which makes it more functional. I've found the issue fixing facet of design rewarding.

My appreciation for art exceeds those of architecture, I've got a Masters of proper Art from MU and labored like a studio artist with my personal favorite medium, clay.

I still create art, though less than in the same manner, through framework the job of others and looking for cast off interior objects to resuscitate. Really, in most my roles at Studio HOME, I merely present things in a different way, from their original place, problem fixing to have an position to provide an area, art or object new existence.

assistant designer

I’ve been a really visual person. Growing up, I had been intrigued with texture and color. I'd a knack for realizing a space’s beauty and potential. That most likely describes my childhood imagine purchasing and renovating the run-lower houses in older communities of my home town.

I really like that interior planning blends color, texture and our senses. There's a psychology and science behind finding a reliable home that my visual personality and education in interior planning from Stephens College enables me to know. I really like by using their understanding to produce a happy and natural space for other people.

studio_home-11-editI realize that designing a house is an extremely emotional experience. Habits many of us at Studio Home develop associations with this clients which allow us to recognize together and increase your feeling of trust. My primary goal will be to assist learn how to showcase our client’s style and personality within their home.

design assistant, custom framer

After I was more youthful, my father allow me to have the opportunity over designing his house. Together we visited auctions and selected out pieces for the home. In senior high school, I additionally began custom framework and it was accountable for designing my school’s dances. It had been around then which i recognized that interior planning was something which was always on my small mind. Anytime I walked right into a new space, I discovered myself instantly considering steps to make it more and better aesthetically appealing.

I made the decision to review architectural studies by having an emphasis in interior planning in the College of Missouri. While attending college, I made use of my designing abilities to assist setup and decorate for occasions. I additionally went, staged and decorated an old-fashioned store before finding my method to Studio Home.

I assist with a number of tasks at Studio Home. I run and stage the showroom alongside Jon and Aaron. I help with client shipping and installations. I additionally fill a lot of our custom framework orders for clients and walk-inches. And lastly, for the finish of the interior planning project, I help accessorize a client’s home. I really like that each trip to Studio House is various and brings new stuff.

Interior Designer Columbia MD
Interior Designer Columbia MD
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Interior Design Columbia SC
Interior Design Columbia MD
Interior Design Columbia MD
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