Architecture Summer Programs for College students

February 18, 2019

Summer Programs

Professor Henry RichardsonPlease be aware that our office is going to be closed for that winter holidays from December 25 through The month of january 3.

Summary of Architecture

(see qualifications needs)
Apply by: April 29, 2016


If you are considering a job in architecture, or maybe you'd simply prefer to indulge your passion for this, this intensive program is perfect for you.

  • Composition
  • History
  • Upkeep
  • Landscape architecture
  • Planning
  • Urban design

Additionally, you'll explore the technicality of architecture, including:

  • Building construction
  • Structures
  • Acoustics
  • Lighting
  • Energy conservation
  • Sustainability

Class discussions includes cultural, social, and political factors that influence architecture.

Dealing with a significant design issue is the main of the area of the program. A number of short design-studio problems, intensive individual instruction, and regular progress reviews can help you get ready for the presentation of the final project. You'll have the ability to incorperate your final project, in addition to a insightful architectural sketches and models, for your portfolio.

An every week workshop will introduce students to selected digital and analog design tools utilized in exploring and representing works of architecture. You will also benefit from the rare chance to make use of Cornell's Fine Arts Library, among the earliest and many extensive architectural libraries on the planet, and the opportunity to use the remarkable assets in our distinguished college community. Faculty people and graduate teaching assistants within the Department of Architecture works carefully along with you through the six days. There's one instructor for each 10 to 12 students within the design studio.

Students effectively finishing this program receive, additionally to some certificate, as many as six credits for Architecture 1110 and 1300, instructions grade for every course, along with a written evaluation using their instructor. Using the summer time courses to partly or wholly fulfill fundamental design needs is exclusively in the discretion from the institution that confesses you like a degree candidate. Generally, students receive transcript credits for that courses.

These rigorous six-week courses are available to both senior high school and university students and wish no specialized understanding or background, only a serious curiosity about design. Students have to come ready to be challenged and live the existence of the busy architect perfecting their craft (projects). University students must sign up for Architecture 1110 and 1300 through Cornell College Summer time Periods.

The price of supplies with this program is all about $350 (including the price of the availability Package). This charges are additionally to the price of this program.


You will be signed up for:

  • Summary of Architecture: Design Studio (ARCH 1110)
  • These kinds meets Mondays through Fridays from 1:30-5:00 p.m.
  • Summary of Architecture: Lectures (ARCH 1300)
  • These kinds meets Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Needed materials

Title Author Cost
Supply Package TBD

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